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    Designer Sandra Espinet created a one-of-a-kind Winter White Holiday Fantasy for actress Brooke Burke.

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    When it come to classic holiday decorating, nothing is more elegant than layers of white on white.

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When it come to classic holiday decorating, nothing is more elegant than layers of white on white.


That's a Wrap!

Holiday gift-wrapping can be great fun and can also serve as part of your décor. Whether you fill the area under your tree with gifts or use them as decorative accents around your home, plan your gift-wrap colors and style to coordinate with the colors of your holiday theme.

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  • Brooke Burke's Winter White Holiday Decor

    Designer Sandra Espinet shares behind-the-scenes holiday decorating tips from her HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes design special.

    by Trisha McBride Ferguson

    This holiday season, wow your holiday party guests and decorate your home like a celebrity with tips from designer Sandra Espinet. Featured on HGTV’s Celebrity Holiday Homes design special, Espinet shares her secrets to help you recreate the Winter White Holiday fantasy theme she crafted for actress Brooke Burke and David Charvet.

    Here's how to get the same look in your home:

    For your main living area:

    • An exquisite mantel display above your fireplace or in a similar nook in your home will set the tone for your Winter White Holiday décor theme. Place a wreath above the mantel, and cover the mantel with a garland. Accent the garland with white ribbon and decorative elements in white and silver. Espinet used silver reindeer statues on each side of the mantel to create balance.  


    • Rent or purchase white slipcovers for your furniture, or use sheets or fabric. And you won’t have to worry about spills, since you’ll be removing the slipcovers after your holiday party. Add new throws and decorative silver and white pillows.  
    • Use matching stockings on your mantel. “A chic line of matching stockings will look beautiful,” says Espinet. If your family has personalized stockings, use those for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. 
    • Add touches like holiday statuettes, decorative candles and extra tree ornaments throughout the room to create a cohesive Winter White fantasy theme.


    Holiday foods and treats are as important to any celebration as decorations and gifts. Here are some of Sandra’s tips for creating a beautiful and tasty holiday buffet display: 

    • Cover a buffet or dining table in a white tablecloth or other white fabric. Visit your craft store and choose something with a great texture, or use what you have already at home. Extra silver placemats add drama. 
    • Gather all the clear glass containers and vessels from around your home, or purchase some inexpensive ones. Containers of many different shapes and sizes will create visual interest. Use dishes, bowls, vases, platters—and don’t forget a fabulous glass or crystal pitcher for some eggnog. Use clear glass jars with lids for foods that need to be kept fresh. Bring out your cake stand or punch bowl, too! 


    • Arrange the glass containers on your table and fill with an assortment of white-colored holiday foods. Espinet used popcorn, marshmallows, white chocolate-covered strawberries, vanilla-iced cupcakes and white sugar cookies with white frosting and silver decorations. Use a variety of foods for maximum effect—and satisfied holiday revelers!
    • Use white and silver details to finish off your buffet tablescape. Espinet attached white bows to the lids of her jars, and also used silver and white bulbs from the holiday tree. She also suggests looking for clear, white and silver holiday items like decorative branches, reindeer statuettes and candleholders for accents.


    Many holiday celebrations feature a formal sit-down dinner with seasonal favorites like prime rib, turkey, casseroles and other savory goods. Here are some tips to help you recreate the formal dining tablescape Espinet designed for Brooke and David:

    • It’s all about the centerpiece. Create drama with white flowers, silver decorations and other decorative flourishes you can find at any craft or holiday store. In this case, you’ll want to have your guests plate their food at another station, or have it brought to the table already plated. 


    • Go the extra mile with your napkin ring. Espinet used a fluffy white feather to add a surprise when guests are seated. Be sure to use a crisp white linen or cloth napkin. You can use paper napkins at the kiddy table. 
    • This is the perfect time to use your white china. You can also rent white china from a local event company. Flatware with white handles completes the look. 
    • Hang tree decorations and other charms like glass balls and jewels from the ceiling and chandelier.