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Falling for Florals

  • c.r.lainejm8665rs_0306_fpo-copy_revised

    Photo: C.R. Laine Furniture

  • ankasa-copy_revised

    Photo: Ankasa Home

  • at-sapphire-bay-sleigh-copy_revised

    Photo: aspenhome

  • bernhardt_n4347rs_romance_fpo-copy_revised

    Photo: Bernhardt

  • 998_13_49_rs-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • chn1537-5376surya-copy_revised

    Photo: Surya

  • broyhill-6125-u10157-copy_revised

    Photo: Broyhill Furniture

  • companyc_mandarin+wasabi+close-up_lr-copy_revised

    Photo: Company C

  • blonder-home-bh--roomset1-copy_revisedsee-copy_revised

    Photo: Blonder Home

  • capel_sterling_flora-copy_revised

    Photo: Capel Rugs

  • cambridge-flex-copy_revised

    Photo: aspenhome

  • century_3247l_3247rrs_ps08_fpo-copy_revised

    Photo: Century Furniture

  • nexxt2-copy_revised

    Photo: nexxt by Linea

  • cw-design-group-004-copy_revisedsee-copy_revised

    Photo: CW Design Group

  • duralee-copy_revised

    Photo: Duralee

  • century_11_997rs_sk09_fpo-copy_revised

    Photo: Century Furniture

  • sf394_94_220_225_01_300mdc-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • companyc_giverny+with+chair_lr-copy_revised

    Photo: Company C

  • essence_working_rolly-temahome-copy_revisedsee-copy_revised

    Photo: temahome

  • cw-design-group-003-copy_revised

    Photo: CW Design Group

  • june_hunter-copy_revised

    Photo: June Hunter Fine Art

  • century_3334trs_sk09_fpo-copy_revised

    Photo: Century Furniture

  • sf348_15_02-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • mds_bedcover-view-copy_revised

    Photo: MDS Fabrics

  • lloyd_flanders_veranda2-copy_revised

    Photo: Lloyd Flanders

  • kevinobrien_rc410-copy-revised-copy_revised

    Photo: Kevin O'Brien Studio

  • mds_high-end-bedding-2-copy_revised

    Photo: MDS Fabrics

  • sf251_94_4866-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • nexxt4-copy_revised

    Photo: nexxt by Linea

  • magnussen_1356_urbansafari-copy_revised

    Photo: Magnussen Home Furnishings

  • mds_high-end-bedding-3-copy_revised

    Photo: MDS Fabrics

  • palecek_teal-floral-pillow-copy_revised

    Photo: Palecek

  • sf483_94_220_225_01_300modb-70-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • nexxtbylinea-copy_revised

    Photo: nexxt by Linea

  • o&l-fall-2009-004-copy_revisedsee-copy_revised

    Photo: Osborne & Little

  • sf394_94_220_01-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • p16-harden-manufacturing-copy_revised

    Photo: Harden Manufacturing

  • ryanstudio-copy_revised

    Photo: Kevin O'Brien Studio

  • sf754_13_42_14-copy-revised-copy_revised

    Photo: Stanley Furniture

  • thibaut-gatehouse-leon-chenille-copy_revisedsee-copy_revised

    Photo: Thibaut

  • sofa-flowers-bassett-copy_revised

    Photo: Bassett Furniture

  • nexxt5-copy_revised

    Photo: nexxt by Linea

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Photo: nexxt by Linea

This nature-inpspired home decor trend works on walls, upholstery, rugs, bedding, art and more!